Always be moving forward

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“The most important thing is not to reach your goal, but to be on your way, always on your way.” – Fridtjof Nansen

Direction was always a defining characteristic of Nansen’s undertakings. He even named his ship ‘Fram’ (‘forward’ in Norwegian). Choice of direction was what enabled the success of his first expedition: the crossing of Greenland in 1887. Many had tried and failed before him, so he knew he needed to drastically change the way he approached the task.

Every explorer up to this point had travelled from the west of Greenland to the east – starting from the safe and inhabited port and heading towards the precarious coast on the other s >They all turned back.

Nansen realised that there was only one way to succeed. It was a counter-intuitive solution: to start from the most dangerous point, and head towards the safety of the inhabited port. This created a strong incentive to keep pushing on – there would never be any reason to turn back. There were two options: forwards or failure.

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It was the same journey, over the same landscape, in the same era. But Nansen succeeded where others failed simply by turning the problem around and reframing it.

At Nansen, we see our projects as journeys, and there is no such thing as a simple one. Dealing with uncomfortable situations up front means that the rest of the journey will be productive and successful. We take a long-term view, and try to avoid the temptation of having an easy start, only to find problems later.

For us, ‘ always moving forwards’ means keeping our eyes on the horizon, being incentivised by achievement, and having a clear sense of direction about where we want to take our projects.

Allymir Zhiyenbayev / Алимир Жиенбаев

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